The big picture: Australia’s commitments under the Paris Agreement

The stage is set – emissions reduction targets at an international level


A 'high risk' jurisdiction: Climate change and directors' duties

Your directors need to be aware of the key areas of personal exposure on climate change

Disclosure of climate-related financial risk: major change is underway

Companies that fail to accurately report on climate-related risks may face significant legal and reputational damage

Climate change and project approvals

Understand where climate change may increase the cost and complexity of approvals

Emissions regulation and liability – NGERs and the Safeguard Mechanism

A focus on the NGER Scheme, the Safeguard Mechanism, and how any expansion of these schemes could be a key risk to large emitters in Australia

Energy efficiency schemes: retailer risk vs business and household opportunities

Incentivised energy-saving schemes offer new opportunities and potential partnerships for your business

Carbon farming and the Climate Solutions Fund

An opportunity for some to generate new income streams and offset emissions

In search of consistency: State schemes and policies

How to navigate novel policies emerging from State Governments, some of which are ‘going it alone’ on climate change

Consumer laws – ‘green’ marketing

If you’re green, you’re clean, but regulators are zeroing in on false or misleading claims of ‘greenness’

Competition law and climate change

Staying on the right side of ‘collaboration vs cartel’


The importance of carbon-ready contracts

How adaptable are your contracts to a potential new price on carbon?

Corporate PPAs: questions to ask; traps to avoid

An increasingly popular way to access renewable energy, lower costs and increase predictability

Green finance

Balancing added costs against a broadening investment base and access to greater capital

Just transition

Aligning your organisation’s strategy, governance and risk managements teams is vital when addressing any questions about, or possible legislative steps towards, a ‘Just Transition’ policy


Voluntary schemes and soft law

Pitching your organisation’s commitments to ensure you’re compliant with all regimes and stakeholder expectations

Increasing litigation expected

Ensuring your responses to stakeholder inquiries about climate change are robust and, where appropriate, subject to legal review

Shareholder resolutions

Engaging stakeholders, managing activism and avoiding adverse reputational and commercial impacts